Matt Reimer
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My name is Matthew Reimer. I am 19 years and a 2nd year criminal justice student at the University of Winnipeg. I am a quadruple amputee with shorter legs, a missing lower left arm and have only two fingers on my right hand.

From a young age I have always been interested in sports. However, I am not able to fully enjoy them due to my disability. One day when I saw golf on TV, I thought to myself that I could be able to do that. I have been golfing occasionally for the past 10 years or so. However, I became more interested in the game a year ago.

One of my challenges, was to be able to get the power in my swings. Until two years ago I swung by placing the top of my club under my left arm and steadying it with my right hand. This did not unleash the full potential of my swings. To address this challenge, I went to my prosthetist and had a golf attachment made for my right arm. Now I can stick my golf club into the attachment and swing strictly with my right arm. With a larger distance covered by my swing, I have been able to improve the power of my drives.

One person that inspired me to golf was a fellow quadruple amputee named Chris Koch. I have known Chris since I was young through the War Amps and had seen him golfing in plenty of videos. These videos really asserted the idea that I would be able to golf.

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